Jill Tipping

The Hidden Depths of Haydon Rouse



Publication Date: 18th May 2013

Message from author Jill Tipping

This is a story about characters just like you and me. Believable, vulnerable and loveable. It also shows us that sometimes there are no explanations as to why things happen in life - they just do!

It is also a story about trust and love, forgiveness and a willingness to accept change.

This book is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle and as you go through, you will gather pieces of the puzzle together to make the final picture. However, you do not have the picture on the box. That makes it even more fascinating and thought provoking.

Haydon Rouse transforms as this book progresses and defies those who had previously judged him. But to do that he needs to trust and believe in someone to lead him. Christie Styles is his salvation but few roads are straight and this one is no exception. At times you will wonder if you have judged Haydon, just like those in the story. What are his hidden depths?

As Christie wraps her life around this strange recluse, so her family are emerging into new forms themselves as they start their new lives far away from everything they were familiar with.

The strange little Cornish fishing town that is the setting for this story, has qualities of it’s own that are hard to define. Something in the air perhaps?  It is certainly unique.

This is a story for people who love reading about people. 

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ISBN: 978 1 906546 13 7
Available Kindle 18th May 2013
Available Print June 2013 - Pre-order here