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on Sunday, 04 November 2012. Posted in Book News and Reviews

Bond, Zumba and Final Edit

Well, went to see the new 007 film yesterday. It’s brilliant. I loved it. I particularly liked the way everyone was getting ‘on a bit’ and the young and new were starting to make their mark. Circle of life, and all that. Daniel Craig I thought was a very ‘real, human’ Bond this time. Still smooth, but not too smooth. And also very yummy!

I Zumba’d my way through the morning this Sunday and then came home to read through the final edit of Beyond Fragile Boundaries. It will be off to print later this week, ready for the launch on the 21st. I so love my characters. And I miss them when I am not reading or writing about them. I heard an interview with an author the other day and she says that if she doesn’t pay her characters any attention for a whole she is worried that they may get up and leave her for another author. Bizarre! But I totally understand!

Funny lot, us authors….


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