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on Monday, 29 October 2012. Posted in Jill's Rants

..... my other skill - Zumba!

Did I tell you that I was a Zumba fanatic? Well, I am. Sunday morning, there I am, with about 30 or 40 like minded people, flinging myself around the village hall in an extremely ungainly manner. I thought I was particularly impressive with my ‘freestyle’ section of one of the numbers this Sunday. My friend Sara and I decided that we wanted to win the ‘Fitness Frenzi towel’ that was on offer for the best made up dance. Trouble is, the freestyle bit is only in fact about 5 seconds long. Not much time. So we decided that I would do some impressive break dancing and then Sara would nimbly fling her leg over the top of me.

The only fact that we had not taken into consideration was the that I don’t actually know how to break dance. Small error of judgement there which meant that the end result was me curled up on the floor like a stranded wood louse whilst Sara dragged me around by one of my legs. 5 seconds were then up and it took my another 15 seconds to get back up off the floor by which time the Fitness Frenzi Towel had been awarded to Mumma Maidstone for wiggling her shoulders. Tsk.

Never mind. There was another highlight when our great leader, Chris, asked those wearing Fitness Frenzi T shirts to stay behind after class for the official photographs for the website. I was very excited about this and didn’t mind that out of everyone in the group I was the only one with my eyes closed. Not a problem……

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Oh, and just to tell you, excitement is mounting as there is just one week to go until Beyond Fragile Boundaries is off to the printers ready for 21st November launch. I had a bit of a ‘moment’ the other day when the full cover design came through. I know it sounds daft, but all of a sudden it seems real when you see the cover. I shall probably have an even bigger ‘moment’ when I get the first copy of the press in my hands! Pass the Kleenex!

By the way, do you like reading? Have a look here and join Goodreads. You can rate books, write reviews and get ideas of what to read next. It’s fun. See you on there!

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