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The Heat is ON!

on Tuesday, 16 October 2012. Posted in Archive

Launch Date - 21st November

Promotion for Beyond Fragile Boundaries is now fully underway!

I knew that I needed some help here so I have called on my friend and Social Media expert, Jo Dodds (also known as The Famous Jo Dodds – follow her here)

Digital media now means that there are so many options for authors these days. You do have to be prepared to do the research and put the hours in online, but the ways of getting your book out there are endless. It’s very exciting!

So now the team is ready.

Frances, Editor Extraordinaire is still busy working with me on the edit and we happily chat about Carla, Adam and their family and friends as though we have known them all for years. I have to say, I did not realise that when you write a book, your characters come to life. I miss them now that the main writing is finished, so I love talking about them with Frances and developing their presence in the literary world.

Yesterday was a day full of editorial and marketing meetings. We also are now working on the cover design and our designer, Jerome, has sent through some interesting concepts for us to chose from. It’s all coming together nicely.

We are heading for a launch date of 21st November. Not long now. I can’t wait.

I am off to speak at the International Fundraising Congress in Amsterdam for a few days. There are a thousand delegates and my session is called ‘Getting Your Message Out There’. How very apt!