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Beyond Fragile Boundaries
By Jill Tipping


The sexual energy between widowed Carla Trelawny and the young man who was helping her around the house and garden  was impossible to ignore. Adam Barnes was just 18, inexperienced and ready to learn. Their relationship develops into a passionate affair, which not only changes their lives, but the lives of those around them.

The power of love between them provides the strength that they both need to cope with the shock of secrets that erupt from the past.


Here are a couple of excerpts

Just to whet your appetite….

She switched off the engine and left the radio playing. Radio 4’s PM was just coming to an end as she listened, without really hearing, Eddie Mair’s final words for that day. She allowed her mind to drift, the heat in the car enveloping her like a soft blanket; an immense, heavy tiredness suddenly swept over her; she felt sad, disappointed, depressed. She found herself staring at the sleek, silver bonnet of the executive car she had coveted for so long. Well here she was, sitting in it, the new car smell still there, filling her nostrils, as if to push confirmation of her success further into her subconscious. She’d done it. But yet ...

Moments passed as she continued to stare ahead with unseeing eyes, then reality kicked in and she gave her head a little shake. How ridiculous! She had almost everything she had ever wanted: great business, two amazing kids, a wonderful home, a wardrobe full of smart clothes. At thirty five years old, Carla Trelawny knew what success felt like. She lived it on a daily basis. She also knew what this creeping feeling of darkness was: it was cold, stark, unadulterated loneliness – simple as that. With a sigh, she grabbed her Gucci handbag from the passenger seat, withdrew the keys from the ignition and wearily climbed out of the car. As she walked towards the front door, even the satisfying ‘bleep’ of the automatic car lock could not raise her spirits, for she was remembering what used to be: a strong pair of arms on the other side of that door, waiting to welcome her home, taking her coat, pouring her a drink. The lack of those arms made her ache inside. At times, she could see him coming up the hallway towards her, tea towel thrown casually over one shoulder, smiling eyes, the look that only two people in love share, a touch, the brush of a kiss with the promise of a noisy, family dinner ahead; the smell of stew on the hob; the radio burbling away to no one on the window ledge; the Times crossword lying on the table, half completed; work boots untidily abandoned by the back door: normal, everyday stuff – how she missed it.

She opened the door and stepped into the empty hall. Her throat tightened with a now familiar contraction and she crumpled, allowing herself, just once more, to sit on the stairs and wail like a small child, to just keep repeating his name, over and over, to let her eyes stream and her nose run, smudging and blotching her carefully applied makeup. Gareth. Her beautiful, wholesome, perfect soul mate of a husband, her best friend, gone. There one minute. Gone the next. How could that be? So vital, and then suddenly so very cold and still. It had been eighteen months since he had been hit by a car while out on a Sunday morning cycle ride, and killed instantly, but the unfairness strangled her as she allowed wave upon wave of helpless despair to wash over her and consume her, body and soul.

….and a bit more from later in the book!

She watched him return to the pitch, realising he was a stunning looking boy: tall, broad shouldered, with thick, sandy blond hair and a weather beaten tan that made his startling blue eyes stand out even more.

She was shocked to recognise pure animal lust rising up in her – something she had not imagined she would ever feel again. Yet, why not? In that moment, the awareness that she was a free agent and that her life had not ended at thirty five was hitting home, forcefully.
She knew she was not interested in Trudy’s game of gigolo hunting: it couldn't be just sex for Carla. She wanted the chase, that first look when eyes lock, the tease, no words but an exquisite promise of things to come. Tongues sparring. Undoing shirt buttons. The feeling of warm, male flesh under her fingers and the sound of a husky groan as skin touches skin. The act of giving pleasure and receiving the same.

Her eyes had followed him and she was momentarily horrified at the realisation that the object of her erotic fantasy was Adam Barnes – her friend Joyce’s son! Good god, he was only eighteen. What was she thinking?


Beyond Fragile Boundaries by Jill Tipping. .... Kindle or print here

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I've been a keen photographer for many years but it's only in the last three or so that photography has become a real passion of mine - something I get a real thrill from, something that puts a smile on my face.

Night photography, light painting and basic astro-photography are the areas I enjoy the most - they are challenging, technical and require creativity, imagination and skill to produce quality images. My abstract and close-up work comes closely behind and allows me to capture a different view of the world and present it my way. Then there is the fun stuff - tongue in cheek, irreverent, cheeky and silly - pictures that make me laugh while I'm taking them and I hope prompts the same response from the viewer!

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