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Getting reviews already!

Although the official launch of Beyond Fragile Boundaries is tomorrow (21st) a few copies have been oozing out into the book reading population and Kindle is live, so I am delighted to say that I have a few reviews on Amazon already (fast readers!).

When you write your first book you really don’t have much of an idea what the reaction is going to be so imagine my delight when I read these:

Jo Dodds

Couldn't put it down...finished it at 2am!

This isn't the sort of book that I usually read. In fact I would usually steer well clear! But I loved it. It is very well written and edited. I got lost in the story and genuinely couldn't put it down; being compelled to get to the end to find out what happened. Of course that then left me wishing I hadn't read it so quickly as I wanted it to go on for much longer.

I probably can't finish the review without mentioning the 'erotic' parts of it, precisely the reason why I usually wouldn't bother with a book like this. I would have expected the story to be at the expense of the erotic stuff. In actual fact the two are so intertwined that the book just flows naturally. So whilst there are erotic sex scenes, they can't be described as gratuitous.

If you liked 'Fifty Shades' then I'm assuming you will love this too (I have to say 'assume' as I haven't read that series).


I read this book in less than 24 hours, its a beautifully written story about love lost, grief and friendship. The characters are endearing, teaching each other about life, love and sex. Not a graphic unrealistic 50 shades book, it tells a story of lessons in art of sex and love, of movng on, and taking control of life and living. Jill Tipping has captured a moment of time, where you believe the story and the characters. I recommend this as a must read, from the first page to the last, its every word becomes your friend, with an ending so befitting.


A non stop read, fantastically written could not put it down.
One to watch fly to the top 10!

How very lovely and of course encouraging.

If you are reading BFB please do leave a review for me on Amazon, you can do so here:

Beyond Fragile Boundaries - Please write a review

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