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I'm a Published Author!

on Thursday, 22 November 2012. Posted in Book News and Reviews

Now the real work begins...

The last few days have all gone by in a bit of a whirl to be honest. The book is selling really well and I have had huge support from my Zumba family who got their hands on it earlier in the week.

Today I had my first bit of press and you can see it below. It's a great article and Kathy Bailes of the Dover Express has done me proud.

My Mum lives next door to me and she was a bit shocked to see the bill board outside of the village shop. oHaha. Never mind Mum. You should know me by now - anyway, she has read it twice herself! The book that is, not the bill board.

Anyway, tomorrow I have a little gathering to raise a glass or six to my new venture so I am busy writing my speech for that. Then it is just promote, promote, promote. I am under no illusions that the work has just begun.

Beyond Fragile Boundaries is available here in print and on KIndle here.

Also, just want to say a great big thank you to everyone who has supported me through my writing journey and then getting my book out there. I am incredibly touched by the kindness, encouragement and selflessness of so many people. That's enough soppiness - I may have to have a weepy moment now.



One Week Until Launch

on Wednesday, 14 November 2012. Posted in Book News and Reviews

Would you like to write a book?

As the launch date gets nearer and nearer I am furiously uploading things on to Amazon and Kindle and all sorts of other websites.

It really is a great time to be an author. Lots of people say to me that they would like to write a book and I always reply ‘Go on then!’ Things have changed so much from the times when you had to send manuscripts off to publishers and hope for the best. Now you can write, publish and print very easily. You just have to have the confidence and the discipline to get on and do it.

Some time ago I read a book by Richard Branson. It was one of those Quick Reads that cost about 99p. The content was OK to a degree, a bit obvious to be frank, but the title was brilliant and has kept me motivated and in a state of action for years. It was ‘Screw it, Just Do It’. As a motivational speaker I have gifted people with that phrase written on a post it note and told them to stick it where ever they procrastinate the most (often that is in front of a screen – either the TV or the PC).

I started writing Beyond Fragile Boundaries because my husband said ‘Go write!’ So I did and here we are about to launch my first title. I took Richard’s advice and just ‘did it’ and stopped just talking about it.

People write in different ways. Some like to plan meticulously what they are going to say and their plot is all worked out. I don’t work that way. I just get my main characters, jot down some notes about their personalities, how they look, who their friends are etc. and then I just start page one.

My writing flows and I surprise myself. I quite often rush out into the lounge and say to John ‘You’ll never guess what Adam has done now’ or ‘You were right about Carla. She did do that’. It’s as though the characters are out there somewhere living their lives and I’m documenting them.

I know. Mad! But there it is.

So, just a week away now. The printing press is churning away as we speak and Beyond Fragile Boundaries has now been formatted by my friend and mentor the Famous Jo Dodds. Next job is to upload it to Kindle. It’s a process.

The few people who have read it so far are just about to add a review on Amazon, so now I just need to tell the whole world that it is out there. Simples!

BUY Beyond Fragile Boundaries here.

Two Weeks to Go!!!

on Wednesday, 07 November 2012. Posted in Book News and Reviews

Did you know - Social Media is just like SEX!

I ‘heart’ social media!

Why? Because it has changed my life, in lots of good ways.

  • Because of social media I was able to work with Ben Cohen (England Rugby Player) for five years, building his profile and then helping him to launch his post rugby career.
  • Because of social media, I have kept in touch with people and renewed friendships after years of not seeing people.
  • And, because of social media, I can now write, publish, market and sell my very first novel, Beyond Fragile Boundaries.

Gone are the days of sending off manuscript after manuscript to publishing houses across the world and receiving rejection after rejection. Now, writers have the opportunity to publish and broadcast their work and publishing houses can use social media to pick up the goodies.

Win/Win for everyone!

I follow a marketing company in the US called Hubspot. Their take on social media and everything surrounding it is awesome.

It is Hubspot who have given me the material to write my blog today, so I thought I would share.



20 days to go.....

on Thursday, 01 November 2012. Posted in Book News and Reviews

Here's the story behind the story...

Here's the story of how Beyond Fragile Boundaries was written. Just 20 days to go now.....

BFB Final Infographic700

21 days to go....

on Wednesday, 31 October 2012. Posted in Jill's Rants

Feeling sexy?

JUST 21 DAYS to go until Beyond Fragile Boundaries is out there, ready for the world to read! Nervous? Yes, very. But it is also very exciting.

I have been told by the lovely Frances that editing is now finished and it is time for the final read through before layout and then going to print for the first copies. Can’t wait!

Never mind that though. Something very exciting is happening this week. Hubby (John) and I have decided to have some ‘photos’ done before we get too old and crabby. When I say ‘photos’ I mean ‘those type of photos’. Yes, sexy ones….(did I just hear my children being sick?) Well! Why not! Photoshop is an amazing thing and we are having them done for us, no one else (unless I am offered lots and lots of money which to be fair is not that likely).

So Marvellous Mandy Marshall is coming down to exotic Aylesham to John‘s plush industrial unit this weekend equipped with some very forgiving lenses and she tells us that she will make us look sexy. Can’t wait. John wants to do vampire pictures, but I’m not sure. I am also quite alarmed by his suggestion to be honest. Anyway, I will let you know how we get on.

We thought we could give copies out in cardboard frames to all of our friends and family this Christmas…… NOT! But hey! What is the point of being on this planet if you can’t have a bit of fun.