Free Download for next two days

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The Hidden Depths of Haydon Rouse free for two days

Tell all your friends! The Hidden Depths of Haydon Rouse is available for a short period of time for free download onto your Kindle.

The offer starts 8am on Monday 20th May and finishes the same time two days later.

Click here to download your free copy and please ask your friends to do the same.


Download for free on Amazon

The Hidden Depths of Haydon Rouse is Ready!

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Exciting news! 

The Hidden Depths of Haydon Rouse is due to be published in Kindle on the 18th May. Click here to see details.

The print version will follow in a few weeks time so keep your eyes peeled.

I will be putting the book up for you to download for free for certain days throughout the next few months so please, please tell all of your friends. Then, please do go on to Amazon for me and write a review. That would be great.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I have writing it.

More details to follow on Friday.



New Book Soon to be Published

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The Hidden Depths of Haydon Rouse

It's been a while since I've blogged. Things have been pretty busy but I am really excited to tell you that my second novel, The Hidden Depths of Haydon Rouse, is due to be published on 18th May 2013. My wonderful editor Frances, and I have been busy working away on the edit for the past couple of months and things are now ready for the finishing touches.

I have loved writing this new book. It's a completley different story to Beyond Fragile Boundaries and will leave you guessing and wondering throughout.

I hope you enjoy it and would love you to put a review on Amazon. I have 22 for BFB so far, so pretty thrilled about that.

Exciting times!

I'm a Published Author!

on Thursday, 22 November 2012. Posted in Book News and Reviews

Now the real work begins...

The last few days have all gone by in a bit of a whirl to be honest. The book is selling really well and I have had huge support from my Zumba family who got their hands on it earlier in the week.

Today I had my first bit of press and you can see it below. It's a great article and Kathy Bailes of the Dover Express has done me proud.

My Mum lives next door to me and she was a bit shocked to see the bill board outside of the village shop. oHaha. Never mind Mum. You should know me by now - anyway, she has read it twice herself! The book that is, not the bill board.

Anyway, tomorrow I have a little gathering to raise a glass or six to my new venture so I am busy writing my speech for that. Then it is just promote, promote, promote. I am under no illusions that the work has just begun.

Beyond Fragile Boundaries is available here in print and on KIndle here.

Also, just want to say a great big thank you to everyone who has supported me through my writing journey and then getting my book out there. I am incredibly touched by the kindness, encouragement and selflessness of so many people. That's enough soppiness - I may have to have a weepy moment now.



Book Launch Tomorrow

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Getting reviews already!

Although the official launch of Beyond Fragile Boundaries is tomorrow (21st) a few copies have been oozing out into the book reading population and Kindle is live, so I am delighted to say that I have a few reviews on Amazon already (fast readers!).

When you write your first book you really don’t have much of an idea what the reaction is going to be so imagine my delight when I read these:

Jo Dodds

Couldn't put it down...finished it at 2am!

This isn't the sort of book that I usually read. In fact I would usually steer well clear! But I loved it. It is very well written and edited. I got lost in the story and genuinely couldn't put it down; being compelled to get to the end to find out what happened. Of course that then left me wishing I hadn't read it so quickly as I wanted it to go on for much longer.

I probably can't finish the review without mentioning the 'erotic' parts of it, precisely the reason why I usually wouldn't bother with a book like this. I would have expected the story to be at the expense of the erotic stuff. In actual fact the two are so intertwined that the book just flows naturally. So whilst there are erotic sex scenes, they can't be described as gratuitous.

If you liked 'Fifty Shades' then I'm assuming you will love this too (I have to say 'assume' as I haven't read that series).


I read this book in less than 24 hours, its a beautifully written story about love lost, grief and friendship. The characters are endearing, teaching each other about life, love and sex. Not a graphic unrealistic 50 shades book, it tells a story of lessons in art of sex and love, of movng on, and taking control of life and living. Jill Tipping has captured a moment of time, where you believe the story and the characters. I recommend this as a must read, from the first page to the last, its every word becomes your friend, with an ending so befitting.


A non stop read, fantastically written could not put it down.
One to watch fly to the top 10!

How very lovely and of course encouraging.

If you are reading BFB please do leave a review for me on Amazon, you can do so here:

Beyond Fragile Boundaries - Please write a review

One Week Until Launch

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Would you like to write a book?

As the launch date gets nearer and nearer I am furiously uploading things on to Amazon and Kindle and all sorts of other websites.

It really is a great time to be an author. Lots of people say to me that they would like to write a book and I always reply ‘Go on then!’ Things have changed so much from the times when you had to send manuscripts off to publishers and hope for the best. Now you can write, publish and print very easily. You just have to have the confidence and the discipline to get on and do it.

Some time ago I read a book by Richard Branson. It was one of those Quick Reads that cost about 99p. The content was OK to a degree, a bit obvious to be frank, but the title was brilliant and has kept me motivated and in a state of action for years. It was ‘Screw it, Just Do It’. As a motivational speaker I have gifted people with that phrase written on a post it note and told them to stick it where ever they procrastinate the most (often that is in front of a screen – either the TV or the PC).

I started writing Beyond Fragile Boundaries because my husband said ‘Go write!’ So I did and here we are about to launch my first title. I took Richard’s advice and just ‘did it’ and stopped just talking about it.

People write in different ways. Some like to plan meticulously what they are going to say and their plot is all worked out. I don’t work that way. I just get my main characters, jot down some notes about their personalities, how they look, who their friends are etc. and then I just start page one.

My writing flows and I surprise myself. I quite often rush out into the lounge and say to John ‘You’ll never guess what Adam has done now’ or ‘You were right about Carla. She did do that’. It’s as though the characters are out there somewhere living their lives and I’m documenting them.

I know. Mad! But there it is.

So, just a week away now. The printing press is churning away as we speak and Beyond Fragile Boundaries has now been formatted by my friend and mentor the Famous Jo Dodds. Next job is to upload it to Kindle. It’s a process.

The few people who have read it so far are just about to add a review on Amazon, so now I just need to tell the whole world that it is out there. Simples!

BUY Beyond Fragile Boundaries here.

Two Weeks to Go!!!

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Did you know - Social Media is just like SEX!

I ‘heart’ social media!

Why? Because it has changed my life, in lots of good ways.

  • Because of social media I was able to work with Ben Cohen (England Rugby Player) for five years, building his profile and then helping him to launch his post rugby career.
  • Because of social media, I have kept in touch with people and renewed friendships after years of not seeing people.
  • And, because of social media, I can now write, publish, market and sell my very first novel, Beyond Fragile Boundaries.

Gone are the days of sending off manuscript after manuscript to publishing houses across the world and receiving rejection after rejection. Now, writers have the opportunity to publish and broadcast their work and publishing houses can use social media to pick up the goodies.

Win/Win for everyone!

I follow a marketing company in the US called Hubspot. Their take on social media and everything surrounding it is awesome.

It is Hubspot who have given me the material to write my blog today, so I thought I would share.



16 Days to go .....

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Thank you Maurice Byford for my Biography..

Working on the final edit today. Very exciting. It’s really strange when you have read something time and time again, so much so that your brain no longer sees typos.

Bring in ‘Super Mum’. Yes, my Mum, Jean, is officer in charge of proof reading. Even if Frances (Super Editor) and I have gone over the manuscript time and time again, there are still going to be a few mistakes. So Mum is going to use her years of experience as secretary to a variety of Chief Execs, to make sure all has been covered.

Having said all of that, there will be human error. Even Harper Collins have typos!

Anyway, I have been thinking about Author's bios today and whether or not to have one in Beyond Fragile Boundaries. I have a very dear friend (and web developer – not his fault!) called Maurice Byford who knows me well. I put him to the task of writing about my life story and I think the below has summed me up pretty well…..

Biography of Jill Tipping
By Maurice Byford (with bits cribed from Wikipedia - not to be taken too seriously!)

Jill Tipping was born at an early age. From the age of 4 she could play the Tuba and had a regular place within the London Philharmonic Orchestra touring the country and playing at austere venues such as the DeMontfort Hall in Leicester, the Albert Hall in London and the Winter Gardens in Margate.

At the age of 6 Jill was asked to represent Great Britain at the International Sports Federation annual tournament of Professional Jenga. She came away with a silver wreath, a cup and two hotel towels.

By 8 She was, of course, firmly ensconced in her studies at Cambridge University, Kings College where she graduated with honours the following year in her studies of Astrophysics finishing her dissertation with a presentation of Universal Harmonics as demonstrated using the medium of mime.

In 1982 she was asked to join an all female pop group but was asked to leave when arguments broke out over the choosing of the name Applerama. The other girls went on to form another group with a similar fruit based name.

Jill found fame again in 1991 when she invented the worlds first particle accelerator using just a tube of toothpaste, a Sony Walkman, a water Pistol and a Slinky. The same core design principles were later included in the Cern's now famous Hadron Collider. Due to insufficient postage, unfortunately, Jill's patent claims were rejected.

Disenchanted with the direction that scientific research was taking, in 1992 Jill joined the Police Force.

By 1995 she was Chief Superintendent Commissioner of all Police In England and Wales. By 1996 all crime had ceased and all criminals were safely locked up in jail. 

The then Prime Minister John Major found himself in an awkward position without any crime statistics to report during PMQ's, simply, the opposition refused to believe such a thing and his own tenure at Number 10 was in danger and so he had little choice but to recommend early redundancy for Jill.

Since then crime levels have returned to normal scary levels.

After the birth of the Internet and the post natal depression of the Laptop, Jill started to play with online technology discovering a range of online applications that she could use to improve her working day. Jill worked out that by using the back arrow on the online Google calendar she could in fact travel back in time.  At first it was days and then Months and Years. She realised that if she went going she could, in fact, travel back and back and back further.

In 1876 back in Victorian London, Jill met with her current husband John Tipping.

She met John as he was working on the building of new Work Houses for the Westminster area of London. During this time the London area was suffering from a severe influx of deranged individuals who were afflicted with a megalomania and were so self enthused that they were unable to stop talking about themselves. With his French work colleague Architect Francoise Duboise, John helped to generate the necessary funds to create the new asylums for speech afflicted egomaniacs. The buildings still stand today and were named by Francoise as the Parley Mental Buildings.

While helping John in his exploits she was pleased to discover that he too was there by virtue of the Google Calendar time machine oddity. As the Internet  hadn't been invented yet they soon realised that were stuck in the 19th Century.

It was while She and John were enjoying a quiet stroll in Soho, throwing bread at the peasants, that John chanced upon the solution. Now rich beyond their dreams he was able to use his money to pay a number of printers to create an enormous flip book with advancing days, dates and numbers printed in the bottom right corner. Then as he got his servants to manhandle the book, he was, with the aid of a specially commissioned finger, able to flip the dates forward quickly and so travel forward in time.

Jill used the last of their Groats and Crowns to buy her own finger and so was able to join him forward to 1999.

Needless to say, they were surprised on arriving back in 1999 that the moon was in fact still in place and Martin Landau remained on Earth a mere actor.

Now penniless, they tried to use their time travel experience to sue Google for including dangerous technology in their online applications. Sadly, Google had already used their own technology to travel back in time and remove the app that caused time to flow backwards. Thus preventing any further law suits.

In 2001 Jill discovered her gift for writing. By placing an ink propelling stick onto paper she noticed that when she moved her hand, lines and patterns would form. After some experimenting she realised that she was able to convert these into recognisable symbols and words.

The more words she created, the more there was to read. Until eventually the first book was produced.

Mostly the first book was simply gibberish and unintelligible swirls. But as Jill carried on, she got more and more creative. In 2003 she created the Character 'Henry Porter' who was a speckly child with no friends and no social skills. The launch of her first book 'Henry Porter and the Brick of Inconsequence' proved to be a major disappointment and she was forced to let her secretarial assistant, Miss Rowling, go.

Still Jill persevered and her next book starring Dick Golightly the DNA Detective was a minor success with over 10 people buying a copy. It was the second book in the series that was honoured by David Bowie who immortalised the work with his song 'Gene Genie'.

However, the writing bug stuck and couldn't be removed with even the strongest disinfectant. In 2012 she wrote her first upbeat comedic Novel celebrating the Synod and its sexual deviancy.

It can be expected that many more epic novella may very well be forced onto an uninterested public in the years to come. We wait with baited breath and halitosis for the next adventure to be penned.

17 Days to Go...

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Bond, Zumba and Final Edit

Well, went to see the new 007 film yesterday. It’s brilliant. I loved it. I particularly liked the way everyone was getting ‘on a bit’ and the young and new were starting to make their mark. Circle of life, and all that. Daniel Craig I thought was a very ‘real, human’ Bond this time. Still smooth, but not too smooth. And also very yummy!

I Zumba’d my way through the morning this Sunday and then came home to read through the final edit of Beyond Fragile Boundaries. It will be off to print later this week, ready for the launch on the 21st. I so love my characters. And I miss them when I am not reading or writing about them. I heard an interview with an author the other day and she says that if she doesn’t pay her characters any attention for a whole she is worried that they may get up and leave her for another author. Bizarre! But I totally understand!

Funny lot, us authors….


20 days to go.....

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Here's the story behind the story...

Here's the story of how Beyond Fragile Boundaries was written. Just 20 days to go now.....

BFB Final Infographic700

21 days to go....

on Wednesday, 31 October 2012. Posted in Jill's Rants

Feeling sexy?

JUST 21 DAYS to go until Beyond Fragile Boundaries is out there, ready for the world to read! Nervous? Yes, very. But it is also very exciting.

I have been told by the lovely Frances that editing is now finished and it is time for the final read through before layout and then going to print for the first copies. Can’t wait!

Never mind that though. Something very exciting is happening this week. Hubby (John) and I have decided to have some ‘photos’ done before we get too old and crabby. When I say ‘photos’ I mean ‘those type of photos’. Yes, sexy ones….(did I just hear my children being sick?) Well! Why not! Photoshop is an amazing thing and we are having them done for us, no one else (unless I am offered lots and lots of money which to be fair is not that likely).

So Marvellous Mandy Marshall is coming down to exotic Aylesham to John‘s plush industrial unit this weekend equipped with some very forgiving lenses and she tells us that she will make us look sexy. Can’t wait. John wants to do vampire pictures, but I’m not sure. I am also quite alarmed by his suggestion to be honest. Anyway, I will let you know how we get on.

We thought we could give copies out in cardboard frames to all of our friends and family this Christmas…… NOT! But hey! What is the point of being on this planet if you can’t have a bit of fun.

Authors Who Zumba

on Monday, 29 October 2012. Posted in Jill's Rants

..... my other skill - Zumba!

Did I tell you that I was a Zumba fanatic? Well, I am. Sunday morning, there I am, with about 30 or 40 like minded people, flinging myself around the village hall in an extremely ungainly manner. I thought I was particularly impressive with my ‘freestyle’ section of one of the numbers this Sunday. My friend Sara and I decided that we wanted to win the ‘Fitness Frenzi towel’ that was on offer for the best made up dance. Trouble is, the freestyle bit is only in fact about 5 seconds long. Not much time. So we decided that I would do some impressive break dancing and then Sara would nimbly fling her leg over the top of me.

The only fact that we had not taken into consideration was the that I don’t actually know how to break dance. Small error of judgement there which meant that the end result was me curled up on the floor like a stranded wood louse whilst Sara dragged me around by one of my legs. 5 seconds were then up and it took my another 15 seconds to get back up off the floor by which time the Fitness Frenzi Towel had been awarded to Mumma Maidstone for wiggling her shoulders. Tsk.

Never mind. There was another highlight when our great leader, Chris, asked those wearing Fitness Frenzi T shirts to stay behind after class for the official photographs for the website. I was very excited about this and didn’t mind that out of everyone in the group I was the only one with my eyes closed. Not a problem……

522343 237419029721212 867911260 n

Oh, and just to tell you, excitement is mounting as there is just one week to go until Beyond Fragile Boundaries is off to the printers ready for 21st November launch. I had a bit of a ‘moment’ the other day when the full cover design came through. I know it sounds daft, but all of a sudden it seems real when you see the cover. I shall probably have an even bigger ‘moment’ when I get the first copy of the press in my hands! Pass the Kleenex!

By the way, do you like reading? Have a look here and join Goodreads. You can rate books, write reviews and get ideas of what to read next. It’s fun. See you on there!

Cover Has Arrived

on Wednesday, 24 October 2012. Posted in Book News and Reviews

Launch day is approaching

Today did not start too well. John and I got up bright and early and drove through the fog to Canterbury for a breakfast networking meeting that starts 7am tomorrow morning. Thought the car park was quiet. Still, enjoyed the dry run. Should be really good at it by tomorrow. Sigh!



However, the day did get better when the design for my book cover arrived in the post. Excited! I should say! So I asked daughter number 2, Katy, who had called round, to take a picture of me holding it in an excited fashion. Which she did. In the first picture I looked a tad psychotic. It looked OK on my phone, but due to new contact lenses, I couldn’t really see it. When I uploaded it onto my laptop, I was terrified! I looked like a mad person. What has really stumped me is that both Katy and hubby John said that it was a normal expression! Hells bells and coconut shells – I must look like that all the time then! Horrific.

Anyway, I calmed my face down and we did a re-shoot which you can see here. Hope you like……

Waiting for my book to be ready for print is a bit like waiting for a baby to be born, except it’s a bit easier on the pelvic floor muscles. Getting the cover reminded me of getting the picture of the first scan – scary but marvellous.

Won’t be long now.


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Chop Chop Busy Busy Work Work Bang Bang

With reference to yesterday’s blog, Monday Chat, I have been reliably informed by daughter number 2 that ‘drive bys’ include a degree of firearm usage, so we are all hoping that I got that bit wrong. There is a strong chance of that.

It’s been a busy start to the week, as usual. I paid another visit to the famous Jo Dodds yesterday who is assisting me on the preparation of my book and it’s presence in the world. She is a maniac! How much knowledge can one person hold in their head! Amazing. Thanks for all you do for me Jo. I know you think I am quite crazy at times, but I also know that you love me for it. Mwah!

I have a PR and Marketing company called Xposure. One of my favourite clients James phoned me yesterday and asked me to send him an invoice for November. I have my clients so well trained. James is a World Food Traveller and World Award winning cook book writer. He comes from Northern Ireland and has the most amazing accent, of which I only understand 50% of what he is saying. We’re a good team though, despite the communication issues. I am very proud of him as he has just been recognised by Farmers Weekly as their Ambassador for British Food for 2012. He has a great blog and a great sense of humour, the bits I can understand are really funny. Have a looky!

Book cover is now finished. Excited! Thanks Jerome at Awake Designs – hope youir man flu is better (sigh). We used images taken by the lovely Kevin Francis, Ubiquitous Images. Quite tame for some of his stuff – have a look.

Following a frenetic Zumba session this morning I was still buzzing throughout a meeting with Fitness Frenzi Chris Hillary. We were ON FIRE today. Must have been the Double Whammy Coffee! Listen, if you have not tried Zumba – YOU JUST HAVE TO! Take it from me, it’s the most fun I have ever had standing up! Top tip – don’t bounce too much. Plays havoc if you of a certain age (shocking!).

Monday Chat

on Monday, 22 October 2012. Posted in Jill's Rants

What was your weekend like?

Had a really great weekend and seemed to fit so much in.

Hysterical! Saturday morning, Sam (son and heir) took me shopping! I felt about 92 as I sat next to him and he drove me to Aldi (don’t judge – I’m careful with my money). As I sat there with my handbag on my knees, trying not to scream every time a corner was negotiated slightly faster than I was comfortable with, I realised what it must be like to get older and have things done for you. Mind you, it was Sam who dropped a jar of Marmalade which smashed into a million pieces all over Aldi’s floor. Everyone looked. They all thought it was me I’m sure, but hey-ho.

My afternoon treat was a 2 hour session with Marcus. Humph! One of my favourite boys who every four weeks fights with my barnet to make me look like Halle Berry. Enough said.

Then in the evening our friends Chris and Natalie came round and we had cheese on toast and home made apple pie (made by my amazing husband). Now, Chris and Natalie are the same age as our eldest daughter, Amy. She thinks we are trying to replace her by having them as our friends but I have explained that they like to hang out with us, ‘cos we is cool! Standard.

Anyway, the next day John and I trundled off down to Zumba in Smarty Pants (our huge car – think about it) and threw ourselves in an ungainly fashion around the village hall for an hour, after which all good intentions of housework and such like evaporated out of the window as we both collapsed on the sofa in exhaustion, to watch the rugby. Thighs!

Sausage and mash with Amy and partner Philip and of course Sam (who manages to fit us in around his busy social life of ‘drifting’ round corners and doing ‘drive bys’ or something like that at Lakeside) and our day was pretty much done. Apart from my weekly dose of Downton. Lush.

So, all in all, a pretty busy couple of days. Onwards and upwards!